It's Easter. Happy Easter.

The last time Easter was celebrated on March 23 was in 1913. This will occur again in 2160. The earliest possible day on which Easter can be celebrated is March 22. This occurred in 1818 and will occur again in 2285. The latest possible day is April 25. This occurred in 1943 and will occur again in 2038.

When I was Catholic, I'd go to Mass about half a dozen times during the week preceding Easter. Something about Lent and 40 days and a zombie named Jesus. Now that I'm past all of that, I celebrate Easter by taking a shower and looking at the WaPo's "Peeps Show" (I ate with family yesterday).

Of the top 37, my favorites are:

U2 Peep-D

Peeps Atop a Skyscraper (c. 1932)

Sesame Peep

'Peep Set Me Up!' (D.C. mayor Marion Barry's infamous 1990 arrest.)

Have a happy Easter everyone.


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