Once Been Bitten By An Eight-Legged Freak!

Well, another adventure happened to me not that long ago where I found myself none other than Urgent Care! Out of all of the dumb things that happened or could have happen on the trips I've been on, I was not expecting this. You would have to understand that this adventures was more like an Indiana Jones film. I went to Florida to visit my parents in Land O'Lakes, Florida, a place of as many lakes as you would figure. It was a good trip. My parents live out in the country. Their neighborhood is, in fact, the wilderness full of every animal except squirrels! When I hiked around the area, it resulted in 15 Pygmy Rattlesnakes encounters, who do not rattle. One was tossed at my head my loving brother, Mike. I caught an alligator, which, for anyone wondering since my visit to Florida, is a healthy foot larger! We saw scary fish. My brother and I almost got into a car accident. Mosquitoes are more rampant than the Chinese population and loved me! Yes, the whole trip was filled with danger and was a good vacation!

So about the Urgent Care thing, I went back to the not-so-dangerous New York where I upset an unknown roommate who decided to bite me. I was bitten by a spider! Stupid stuff like this usually happens this way! I had all of the opportunity to have near-death experiences in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, but it is New York that decides to take me down! Of course, the spider did not alert me of his presence or did I know he bit. We weren't exactly speaking to each other!

So this is what happened! I woke up on a Saturday were I saw a possible pimple or bug bite on my arm. This is no big deal to me, because I like to think I have the strength of Chuck Norris! So, I did the normal mucho-manly thing and ignored it. The next day, it started to annoy me! Still I ignored it! It was Monday, when the bite woke me up and said, "Get up, or I’ll kill you!" Okay, it didn't speak, but the pain was terrible, and my left arm was almost completely red and purple with my veins showing! Alarm bells were ringing! So I went to Urgent Care!

Now, I am going to have to tell you that I lied! I am sorry, but I did not find myself in Urgent Care. I was really in a doctor's office watching Friends waiting for my turn to find out whether I was losing my arm or not that morning. The fact of the matter is that Urgent Care was closed until 5 PM, so they basically tell me I have to go somewhere else. Maybe, they should drop the Urgent part of their name. Just a thought! So I waited in the doctor's office for public doctor who was a very scary Korean women who should star in a Kung Fu flick. I expected her to roundhouse kick the venom out of my system! Of course, like most healthcare in our country, Tom Petty says it best, "The waiting is the hardest part!" I got there at 10 AM, but it took until noon for them to check on me. Lucky, I was not dying. "It's just an arm!" I thought.

But for all of those people out there who have ever experienced severe pain and had to wait for care, we know the wait was worth it for the drugs! First, the doctor, Dr. Zahn, gave me an anti-venom, which I took without question. Never question a lady with a last name that begins with the letter "Z"! After that, she prescribed a drug called Doxycycline! I had to say, this is the most powerful drug I have ever taken! This drug rivals NyQuil! Doxycycline took out, what Dr. Zahn said, was an infection! It took only two hours to change my mostly purple arm back to red! It did not hurt anymore, and I went to work. The problem I later have was fromthe side affects. It said for directions to drink lots of water. If not, these are the side effects: Possible stomach craps, vomiting, emotional problems and some others that did not happen. By the next day, the first two were happening, and by day three, I was having emotional issues. I would feel depressed when people did not buy a shoe in my department or I would get angry at the trashcan in my apartment if I had to change it! The good news is that I got off it, and my arm is cured, so now, I can challenge people to boxing matches or just do normal things. The bad news of spider bites is that my immune systems took a slight vacation to someplace like Bermuda! But it is okay, because I like to think I have the strength of Chuck Norris!



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