I Admit It! I Am A Bejewelaholic!

Yes, it was another day of a lack of motivation to go out that got me to download the wonderful game of Bejeweled off the internet. Why not, right? It is addictive. It may have not have happened to me, if the people of New York were a little nicer, but what can you do? So I downloaded it, and have been playing everyday. Some people use cocaine, some people gamble, and I play Bejeweled! But it is not my fault completely. The Game Industry has recently in the last few years brought us to the point where there are two types of game categories: Complex games that are realistic to the point that you can shoot terrorists and pay your taxes and games that involve no thought. Bejeweled is one that involves no thought. It is a good thing to some sense. I paid some bills the other day, and completely forgot that I did so after one round of Bejeweled. I just hope I don't forget where I live!

But I must admit that the games of today are getting too complex. I bought the game The Sims when I was in Myrtle Beach, because I thought it would be fun. It is to some degree. I think the worse part of the game is when you forget to put it on an easier setting. I found out the hard way that none of my Sims were potty trained. So you have to train them, which seems a little sick for a game. It is just as bad as when toy companies introduced the Potty Baby for little girls across America. Who really wants a doll that pees. Don't answer that! But in the end, it was a let down, because I imagined creating a Sim that represented my boss and having him walk off a cliff. This cannot happen on this game due to the fact that it must take place in the Midwest. Question for you Sims players: Did you notice that there was a lot of Army jobs on that game? Be all you can be!

Of course, still to this day, I love Grand Theft Auto III. For most of us guys, it was a dream come true. Where else can you better have your "what if" scenarios of pure violence? Really, as much as parents hate this game, the best reason to play this game is road rage. At work, I had to set up all of these classes in the store's auditorium. Most of them were for defensive driving classes, which I think is a big mistake. Let us take Highway 285 loop around Atlanta for example. The speed limit is suppose to be 65 mph. This appears the be the problem. In Atlanta, locals tend to drive 70 to 95 mph on the 285 Loop (this includes the Atlanta Police Department). The defensive driver/tourist goes 55 mph. Then, they wonder why they get hit in the rear, because we all know that they pick the left two lanes instead to the right like they are suppose to. Maybe, we could just be okay with Grand theft Auto a little?

I realize today that I might really like Bejeweled so much is based on it simple 2-D qualities. Whatever happened to 2-D video games? They killed Mario Brothers with 3-D. What fun is that? That is why one of the greatest video games is still Mario Brothers 3. Either way, I am going to get back to Bejeweled. I will write to you all again, if I remember you.



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