Quitting Smoking Day.. 5?

Is it really day 5? Five days without a smoke. Fives days without looking over my balcony rail with a cigarette between my fingers. I'm still not entirely sure what the point of all of this is buuuut I think I can convince myself that never having to experience this withdrawal again is enough to continue.

These last few days have been physically challenging. My heart constantly beats hard. It's a symptom I rarely experienced when I smoked. Also, I frequently feel the need to touch my lips and grind my teeth. If I hadn't been a psych major I probably wouldn't be mildly amused by these behaviors.

So, 5 days. And 5 days more. And my remaining 18,250 days. Base on past attempts, this is close to my "give up" point. But, fortunately, I still have my higher brain functions telling me "no." If those go and I start coming up with ever-creative excuses to buy a pack,.. who knows. I think I may break out the construction paper and cutout a big NO! for my wall.

Now, I know I'm rambling, but this short post has been a good distraction. I think I'm going to drink some coffee and watch TV. Speaking of which, I've got to remember to bring the Starry Night and Pumpkin Spice coffees to work tomorrow. Seasonal coffee rocks.


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