Quitting Smoking Day 2

November 14, 2007 is a date I'll likely forget in the near future as I'm not one for counting days. But, on that day, I formally quit smoking. I began Chantix at the end of October and, so far, the withdrawal symptoms have yet to be as severe as they could be. Instead of an amped testosterone level, I've been as mellow as I could hope for while feeling like shit. Some of my more unpleasant symptoms include an occasional and complete inability to pay attention, nausea, a loud heartbeat, trouble falling and staying asleep, and the ability to smell my nearby trash can.

Reading through the "quit smoking now!" literature, it seems I will have to wait up to a year to experience a full sensory return. Unfortunately, that's not very encouraging news. I want encouragement and a good reason to stay quit now. But, going with the flow is a must. Upon reflection, I'm simply amazed that a chemical can exert so much control over an entire life and how much hell a body can raise when you change your mind. But, though being quit doesn't encourage remaining quit and though I've had no "real" reason to quit because smoking is a habit that I fully enjoyed, I don't picture myself returning. Even when I quit cold turkey in the past, I've never become the desperate and whiny sort of quitter who prattles on endlessly about willpower and their lack thereof.

But, it's day 2 and the seas will only get rockier over the next few weeks...


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