The War On Terror......Possibly.

Well, as scary as the title sounds, there is not that much terror. I am currently fighting a battle that I can say I am winning. The enemy is none other than the basic fruit fly. I have been battling them for a month ever since I bought bananas. I guess that is what you truly get for attempting to eat healthy. There is always a catch. I remember when the news would report certain foods such as eggs were bad for you and could cause this or that disease. Then, the next year, eggs became good. I am sure that there were no articles about bananas and fruit flies.

This is not the first time I have dealt with them. It happened when I lived in Myrtle Beach, SC. There, much like Florida, the bugs go nuclear, hence the mosquito as the state bird! The sad thing is that there are no nuclear facilities near where I lived. Now, I might have been considered a nut ball for doing this, but I assure you it was plain college student male laziness: I used to wash my trash before I threw it out specifically so I wouldn't have to march the thousand yards to my apartment’s dumpster. So needless to say, laziness builds up to a three hour expedition to the trash compactor. But the main reason for washing trash whether you wait 40 days and nights or two days is the amount of insects in the coastal areas of South Carolina. Just because your pest control agent may spray tons of illegal pesticides that are lethal to cats and dogs, they never account for the flying ones. And in the South, everything flies, including roaches! So you want to be somewhat clean and leave nothing for the little bastards except for Raid.

Well, one day this failed. Not to blame anyone in particular, but my girlfriend decided to eat a can of peaches and forget to be a lazy male college student, which I am glad was not possible for her to begin with, and threw it away skipping the washing process. I came home one night to extra guests. So here is a random tip to avoid buying expensive pest sprays and be enviroment-friendly: Kikkoman Soy Sauce! Not only can you cook stir-fry, but you can rid of pests, such as fruit flies. You just get a shot glass, unless you are using it currently, pour some soy sauce in it, and leave it on the counter nearest to the trashcan. They will respond by drowning themselves. I can tell that some of you maybe grossed out. We'll just list it under the Living As A Single Guy manual, which I haven't yet written. Coming soon!

Anyway, back to the task at hand, New York is not know for hit and run nuclear bug tactics, so it was a surprise to see them in December of all times flying in the apartment kitchen. I would like to tell you that this story ends with a happy ending, but I went to Price Chopper to buy a can of Raid. And I lived happily ever after without eating any of the bananas.



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