And Yet, Another Left Turn.

I was sitting in a local bar the other night watching a rerun of a race on TV when I heard another stupid question. They seem to follow me? A lady at the bar proceeded, out loud, to ask why the drivers in the race always turned left. This is a point where you really what to said something or possibly toss a beer mug in that direction, but that might spill my beer. Besides, her boyfriend answered it for me saying: "Because the track is a CIRCLE!!!!!" I mean, they could turn right, but walking away from hitting a wall at 200 MPH does not happen too often. So that seemed to end my thought for two more beers and two days of work, when I, myself, wondered why the drivers in nearly all races had to turn left, especially, when most of them are right-handed? So with that in mind, I sent Skibicki Research out to investigate hoping to pin this on the French.

Unfortunately, the French get out of this blame, because racing started in Ancient Greece to appease the God and Goddess. The Greeks had it in mind to build stockcars, but unfortunately did not have the tools and resources, yet. Pretty much, the whole circle track started with Arena Rock Shows, I mean, arenas where, thank God this doesn't happen anymore, the men would have sprinting races in the nude. This also outlawed women from watching, hence, why girls like the one in the bar never asked this question earlier.

The Romans took over the idea, and started using horses in races without the nudity. This was the true early version of auto racing, because they used the invention of the wheel in chariot races. You remember the races from the movie Ben Hur played by Charleston Heston, which may also be Ben Hur. I think he should be president! This was a cool time in racing, because the middle of the track was not full of beer parties and RVs taking up space. The Romans believed in full entertainment such as gladiator matches where people would kill each other by chopping of each others legs.

The Dark Ages killed racing as well as everything else. Even the beer was stale! The idea of using the wheel was dropped and the only people who seemed to care about racing ended up being the British. And yet, the French still cannot be blamed! We will get them yet! The British King Charles the something, revived horseracing as his personal love. He started all sorts of horseracing that is falls short of the Indianapolis 500, but was effective for the time being.

It wasn't until a couple of wars, and a Civil War to dropkick the wonderful world of the United States of America into existence when racing started to claim its glory with the invention of the automobile. Now, someone says that the Germans did this first, but Skibicki Research did not find that, so thus, it does not exist. A man by the name of Ford invented his car, and soon after, auto racing began. They begin using horse tracks for the first auto racing tracks. Of course, they always won against the horses. Hence, they measured engine power as horse power! How's that for knowledge! On a further note, Skibicki Research would like to apologize for having you learn something.

Soon, we started making better a faster cars, better well-paved roads, and racing began to sound more like a Harley-Davidson bike rallies bringing us up-to-date to our current situation where we await like wolves for first accident to occur. And the winner. So now you know now why we turn left! Wait a minute, we don't! Actually, the important detail I missed was the fact that the British have their steering wheels on the right side of the car, and we don't, so it is easier to turn left to see our blind spots behind us during the race. So there! That is why!

In either case, I hope you all wanted to know this, because Skibicki Research is pooped from it. You can see what stupid questions do to people. I think that girl was French. Maybe, French-Canadian! Either way, I won!



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