Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! Why Are You Up So Early?

Well, if you have not noticed it yet, another round of Christmas cheer is upon us! Just the other day, I witnessed a Christmas commercial, which was on October 8th. But, like clockwork, the retail giants decided to once again push Christmas to the limits. At Boscov's, we had added the new tradition of starting Christmas in August. That is right! We have had our Christmas Trees up since August, and boy, do we have some nifty trees.

I actually went to the Garden Department of my store just to look at all of the Christmas trees that we sell. It is not like I am going to buy one, but recently, it has occurred to me that now even the Christmas tree industry is getting into the fashion world. It is scary, but true. I think the best Christmas tree we have is painted white with blue lights glowing on the branches. It looks like an electric accident or something from the tech crew of a Godzilla movie. I am not sure who would want a glowing hanger display in the shape of a tree, but Boscov's has it. But if you want a tree to be natural without all of the sap and watering, the Christmas tree companies created trees with pine cones. They also have this one tree where there are baskets to put presents in it. This seems like a dangerous move, since we all know that little Bobby does not understand weight ratios at the age of four. I can seen this one tree in the newspaper with a headline such as “Schenectady Kid Killed By Basket Tree!" It wouldn't be pretty.

But it does not stop at Christmas trees. Christmas has entered nearly everything under the sun. Example, I like to watch college football. I am not into it as much as basketball, but it is good stuff. Well, my Brother-In-Law, Brad, is a big Michigan fan. Not only that, he also likes cheap Christmas decorations. According to my sister, he thinks the cheesier the Christmas decor, the better. He is one of those neighbors that scares you with plastic Santa Claus and the reindeer with those big extremely tacky multi-colored lights that could be confused with those fancy flame bulbs. They were just spray-painted! He would probably convince you to move if he was into the flamingo fad. I hope he doesn't read this for ideas!

So since Brad was new to the family and he was going to experience the first Skibicki Christmas, I figured I would get him something with Michigan on it, since I wanted to be nice. This is when my brother, Mike introduced me to eBay. And don't you know it (as if you didn't know it was coming), they had a Michigan Santa Claus! I am not making this up! He had on a blue and yellow robe with a big yellow "M" on it. Don't you all make fun the Michigan Santa, because Ohio State had one too! Of course, we laughed at this. Unfortunately, we lost the bid for it. Maybe next year, Brad!

Even though, Christmas seems thrown upon us retail shoppers, I had to give it up for the people of Albany, New York. It seems that New Yorkers are very festive about Halloween. There is another holiday after that, I think, but whatever. I went to my father's apartment, when I got to see all of the different Halloween decorations. At first, I thought they were Christmas decorations due to the lights. There are actual Halloween lights designed for something, because they certainly don't scare me. They come in pink and orange. Hey, I said nothing about colorblindness!

Anyway, Christmas is near, and if the retail companies had it their way, it would run through Easter! And they are definitely all about the guy on TV that celebrates Christmas EVERYDAY!

Merry Halloween and Happy Christmas!



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