Drinking While Recycling!

A couple of weeks ago, I went over to my dad's apartment in Cohoes, NY, to see how he was doing on his current project that keeps him up here. It was sometime after being there that my dad had made a statement to save your beer bottles, because the money was going to go towards my Christmas present this year. Now, I could have just ignored it, and laugh it off, but my dad has taken the time like most New Yorkers to actually recycle. I guess I will get a five dollar present! Recycling seems to be one of the constants of New York like Yankee's baseball. And we think people in Iraq are crazy? Somehow, it worked and now I recycling everything. This could be a dangerous thing.

In my view, this recycling business could get ugly. The fact is that more and more people seem to be causing traffic in front of the grocery stores up here. There is even a slight problem with Wal-Mart, because now there are lines in front of lines to check out. The worse is this one Price Chopper, which still sounds like a Native American bike gang, where the line gets so bad that I can't get into the store to buy something, unless I recycle something. This is serious! Doing good for the planet can be harmful to you. Example: There was this guy I talked to outside of work in the Clifton Park Mall named John. John loves recycling. I guess his problem is what he recycles: glass beer bottles. Well, like most semi-gothic guys, he decided one night to go and recycle his beer bottles, then go shopping. The problem arose when he was pulled over by a New York State Trooper, who are very, very unhappy people (they have to wear purple ties), and had to explain all of the numerous open containers in his car. I forgot how he got out of it, but I sure that he was extra nice to the officer.

I guess the other problem has to do with the fact that, like myself, everyone is now drinking lots of beer. This is great if we recycle the bottle and cans and it means good future business for the AA advisors! But now, I am going through more bags and I am drinking a lot more beer and soft drinks. It is terrible! It also takes up a lot of room due to a law I do not completely understand. According to the recycling people, I am not allowed to crush my can or bottles to recycle them. This could directly explain why you can't get money for plastic bags. They always have holes! Anyway, I am a little confused, because now, I am thinking that they rewash them and fill them up again. If you think about it, it does not sound too far fetched. Even a dog might understand that? Whatever?

I am now all about recycling even though good friends of mine have been trying to get me to since 1998. Now, if we could only recycle gas?


P.S. Recycle everyone!


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