Allergies: Your Sneezing Buddies.

I can honestly say that I had an eventful day considering I was as active as a snail. I had another day off, since my current job thought it would be nice to give me a day off. Apparently, they frown on overtime. Who knew? So I woke up fairly sudden when I started sneezing like crazy. The sudden allergy attack probably sounded like a small war to my neighbors, and it really hurt. Allergies: 12; Skibicki: 0. I am still waiting for the Tylenol Sinus to kick in.

But since this morning, I have been giving a lot of thought on what could be setting off these random allergy attacks. There was one time before, when I went through my last Skibicki-Allergy War when I lived in Georgia. My parents were convinced that it had all to do with my cleaning habits of my room. I thought this was rather unfair thing to say, since my clean habits by that point improved a full 2%, since I left Florida. Besides, I used to hang out in swamps where I knew that my sisters could not infect me with their cooties. And if it was my cleaning habits, that would mean that my sisters would have to clean their rooms, too.

After moving to South Carolina, I came to the realization that I must simply be allergic to Georgia, since I never had any problems in the Carolinas. So what is up with New York, then? Well, I do have my theories. I figure that there are two possible scenarios to my problem. One could be the presence of a kitchen-bound cricket last seen heading for my refrigerator. I still can't seem to find him, but I am pretty sure that it fell in love with the hum of the refrigerator. It tries to pay along with it! The other possibility is that I am allergic to cats. This is pretty new to me, because I do not own and cat, and no one in my family owns one. Why would this be a factor? There is this gray cat that hangs out in front of my door every night. It is not that it particularly likes me, but it is stalking my upstairs neighbor, because he has stated out loud that he is, in fact, allergic to cats. It waits for him everyday, and lays out in his particular parking spot. This is a strange daily occurrence.

Personally, I think it is the cricket. Once upon a time, I used to get calls when I had a normal phone in Myrtle Beach where I would sometimes get survey calls. I love survey calls, because at one point, I only received calls from my dad and MCI. One time, I got a survey call from none other than Tylenol Sinus asking about allergies. Of course, I had nothing to do until Happy Hour, so I took the survey. Now, if any of you every taken an over-the-phone survey, you are asked the same bunch of questions about eight to ten times. It is almost as if they want you to screw up, so that they can tell the government that drug testing and surveys are pointless. But, for a survey, I had a lot of fun with it, because the lady was very nice asking questions about fun things like dust and ragweed. The alarming part was the question about cockroaches. The survey lady kept asking me if I was allergic or had an allergic reaction to roaches? My only question is, who is around them long enough to know?

Anyway, all I know is that I was sneezing a lot. And if Jiminy Cricket is the cause of my sneezing, please help yourself to someone else's refrigerator! Maybe, I am allergic to Texas Pete Sauce?



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