Wax On, Wax Off!

This is an informative message for those of you out there who wonder what people do in computers jobs. I went upstairs to drink with my neighbor, Jacob on a Friday where we pretty much get blitzed and talk about work. Apparently, I also work with his mom. It a small world in the Albany Area AKA The Capital Region! So I came home from work to tell Jacob about my day, because there is so much to talk about with my job like how I watched ants take apart a pretzel for two hours. But Jacob had an even less productive day. He apparently works with building computers and other stuff like computers in Mechanicville, NY. According to him, there was important problem set in front of him and his coworkers! I guess I will just let it out! In the movie The Karate Kid, Mr. Kesuke Miyagi teaches Daniel about the benefits of slave labor, such as beating people with karate. Now, everyone understands what the whole "wax on, wax off move" was about, but what did the "fence paint move" do? It seemed that this question rattled the day so much that everyone left work at 2 PM to go to happy hour and ponder such a question. These things are important, because if you upset the balance of The Force...wait a minute....that is Star Wars! The point is that if we do not figure out these questions, accidents can occur, and yet another person will tell the police: "It happened so fast!"

Of course, like most 80's movies, there is always a part in the movie that does not make sense that leaves some people in states of insomnia. I guess I am wondering the same question about the "fence paint move". I am also wondering that if Daniel did not get it, would Mr. Miyagi get away with child abuse? And if the "fence paint move" is really effective, how would this affect the computer industry? Does The Geek Squad know karate? And with that, I sent Skibicki Research to the field to investigate. No, actually the ants are still entertaining him. Never mind!

Anyway, I went on to the internet search for the "fence paint move" looking for answers, but I kept getting sites for Home Depot and fence sales. Then, I searched for Karate Kid, where I found 389,000 sites dedicated to inquiring minds, such as myself, on just Karate Kid. I thought it was pretty nifty! They had everything for reviews like: "Karate Kid Rules" to quotes from the movie like Daniel saying: "Why didn't you tell me you knew karate?!" But in the end, there seemed to be no answers. This may explain why your servers are running slow as you read this.

I can see that you all are still wonder on how this has anything to do with computers? It doesn't, but these thoughts and theories effect the work of such individuals like my neighbor that gets a ridiculous salary with benefits while answering questions like: What is "I Can't Believe Its Not Butter!" made of? Example: The computer industry slowed this way for months after the release of the movie Harry in the 50's. If you haven't seen it, it is about a guy that talks to an invisible rabbit named Harry. I just wish I could see all of the rabbit invading my apartment complex! Anyway, the developers of the computer where lost looking for the rabbit in the movie. Some have even said that they did not cast the rabbit Harry in the movie. So who played Harry? Then, after the Reagan years, the computer industry took another dive, because George Bush, Sr. seemed to get a lot of TV air play. This may have resulted in The Great Divide with MAC versus IBM! It is a title fight I always wanted to see! Anyway, if you work on computers, try not to talk to people who think a lot. In fact, try not to think yourself or you may get distracted.


P.S. How do you turn off this computer, anyway?


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