The Sounds Of Silence.

As usual, I find myself surfing the Net for the news, because there is so much more news going on than what the Times Union says. I used to rely of the Sunday paper, since it seemed to have everything. Of course, the Times Union is nothing compared to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, so I resorted to the internet! Besides, some of the best stuff shows up on the internet that is completely avoided by actual published newspapers. And with what I just read, I have a new understanding of myself. I was under the belief that I was going deaf the other day, because the women that I worked with kept asking me questions, and I did not really hear them that well. Normally, I would not think any further into it, but I read a recent study that us, guys, may, in fact, not hear ladies well. I am not making this up, even though, the scientist was a GUY named Michael Hunter. In either case, he suggested that guys have a hard time understanding women based on the fact that women's vocal chords are more complex. This could be his nice way of saying: "Speak up?" or a way to get out of doing housework, because of the ideal: If I did not hear my wife say to do it, it must not have to be done!" This is were trouble begins!

Of course, I still think I have a hard time hearing in general, but it could explain a few things. We, as a human race, already decided that men and women will never really understand each other, but we are obsessed to know why. Maybe, this Michael character has a point. I remember going to one of my fraternity brother's 21st birthday when I was living in Myrtle Beach, SC. Martin Dao's family had invited us, so we, twenty brothers, showed up early. What was unique about Martin was that he was Vietnamese. In a matter of fact, Myrtle Beach has a large population of Vietnamese that are mostly Baptist. I have no idea why.

If you ever get invited to a Vietnamese party of any sort, I suggest you show go. They have about thirty people show up to precook for the party. But was got me was figuring out how Vietnamese spoke to each other. The men's language sound so simple, but when the women would speak to each other, it was way too complex. I felt that I could never grasp such a language. Martin said it was simple. Sure.

But then again, maybe, us guys are misunderstanding, because your voice sends a different signal to us! Example: You could give us a grocery list that has thirty things on it, and then, say that the last one was important! Then, you get mad at us, because we did not get the important item. Then, us guys are stumped! Maybe, the word "important" is deciphered too quickly and is registered as "disregard"! Or we could be stupid. Of course, that does not explain my dad! My father always had this unique problem, everything time my step-mom or one of my sisters either tried to ask him a question or talk to him, he would always walk into the garage. Now, as much as the women's magazines declare that all guys have their personal room or place, my dad does not really just hang out in the garage! According to him, he never hears his wife when he is going to the door. Of course, I never really asked him; we just assume that is what it is, because he always asks: "What were you saying?"

But I also have my theory too! I am under the belief that women just hear better! A classic example is my stepmom, Miss Laura. I used to call her "Radar Ears", because I could not do anything without her hearing it. I could say something under my breath, and she would demand what I said, even though, I knew she knew! Women always know and never forget! They can multi-task anything from talking on the phone, cooking while reading a book, and watching the full episode of 24, and still know what is going on! I guess that it was I try to live by the guideline of "keep it simple, stupid!" Anyway, if there is any doubt to whether your guy has heard you or not, post a note! And thank God that you do not have manly voices!


P.S. Did you say something?


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