The Legend Of The Big Whopper.

I was reminded the other day about how food service has gone down hill. Actually, that is an understatement; it has fallen off a cliff! What reminded me was Sunday. Every Sunday, the employees of the Dark Side, I mean, Boscov's attempts a lunch run for the Clifton Park Food Court. It still amazes me on how we never learn. Every time, I go there, there is some problem with something to close down Arby's or Taco Bell. This has happened every Sunday, since the beginning of the mall. Of course, Taco Bell had a major problem with their water. They did not have hot water. I told them that was okay, I'll have a coke with a couple of tacos. The expression I got after that was that I was a complete idiot. I guess drinking hot water was a big thing up here? But that is my point, the food industry is doing a lot of stupid things like the Atkins Diet! If they really want a dieting market, sell bags of air!

But like most things I see, the food problems are not just with fast-but-currently-slow restaurants; it is also the food industry as a whole. Example: I discovered Caffeine-free Diet Vanilla Cherry Dr. Pepper. I don't care; it is not Dr. Pepper! It's stupid stuff like that! The same goes with potato chips. Raise your hand if you witnessed this. One person, say, your roommate, buys the same bag of potato chips as you. When you both get back to your apartment, you find that your roommate's bag of chips has more than yours by a third of the bag. This seems to happen a lot. But I guess it could be worse. Just recently, food made another evil dash in the newspaper. This is what it had to say:
SAN FRANCISCO - A California prison inmate has sued after finding a fingertip in his frozen dinner - and this time the food company is not crying fraud.

Pelican Bay State Prison inmate Felipe Rocha was eating dinner in March when he "chewed on a crunchy object" in his cornbread and discovered the fingertip, according to the lawsuit filed against GA Food Services Inc.

The Florida company wrote a letter of apology to the prison regarding the "foreign object" in the food, and acknowledged a worker "severed" the tip of a finger while cleaning machinery when the cornbread was produced last July.

My only question is why should we even care what a prisoner eats? I thought the point was to make them suffer? Question: Georgia Food Services?

The company is based in Florida, though? Either way, that is not what bothers me. What bothered me to write this was my recent trip to Burger King. There is a Burger King in the Wonderful World of Troy, New York where rats are the size of ice cream trucks. It is a nifty place! Well, I decided to go there in memory of childhood. When I was a kid, I remembered the time of the Big Whopper. With the passing of age, apparently, the Big Whopper has disappeared. I pretty much laughed at the burger that I got compared to my memory. I remember the Big Whopper being the size of Mike Tyson's right glove, and would probably hurt like hell if you threw one in a food fight!

Instead, I got what seemed to be a McDonald's hamburger? I did not remember seeing the Golden Arches on the way in? What happened? Whatever is going on in food service, it better start improving! In the meantime, I am going to eat my mouse-burger, I mean, my Big Whopper!

P.S. Remember the Fry Guys?


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