Meet Me At The Hop.

My dad and I were having a problem the other night. An issue had arisen in the living room of the apartment we are sharing. I was already reaping the benefits of the last Samuel Adams' commercials while sharing my feelings on a survey at North Point Mall. I got $15 dollars off of them!

The issue was about hops. What in the hell is a hop? Recently, Samuel Adams beer has been campaigning giving the feel that their beer is a traditional thing. I just wondered what happened to the "Samuel Adams: Always a Good Decision!"

They have this new commercial where they explain how they pick out the best hops for their beer. They show these farmers pulling on big green seed pods that look like something from Mars. NASA: explain! They even delve further into the love towards the happy little hops. They show a guy who starts sniffing them like it was cocaine, which made me wonder what I was really drinking when I drank Killian's Irish Red.

So, back to the problem at hand. What is a hop? This issue actually bothered my dad so much that he got out his "Good Old Friend", the dictionary. As luck would have it, it was a VERB! So the plot thins! Not to point out anything in particular, but you must realize the age of my dad's "Old Friend". The dictionary he used happens to be in my earliest years of childhood. I don't even think it says "Old Dictionary." I used imagine that this particular dictionary was in print when Moses was around. He may have even used it to look up certain words that God used. So pretty much, my dad concluded that if hops were not in his dictionary, they did not exist! Skateboards do not exist either. My curiosity was not fulfilled, so I went to a more recent dictionary. Apparently, my dad's dictionary was not far from the truth. Yet, another VERB!

So in my search for useless knowledge, I went to the internet. I must say that I was impressed. Five different universities were doing research as a early as 1997 under federal grants. The government was wondering what a hop is. The research was interesting to read about, but there were no true answers to what a hop is. Some researchers where convinced it was the seed-like pods. Others seem to give credit to name the whole plant. Either way, I think I will hop over to the bar and ponder it over a Samuel Adams.



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