All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Once again, I saw another news study that states that violence is on an all-time high. Raise your hand, if you have ever heard this before! But due to recent events, this may be a true statement. Besides the violence in Iraq, Americans have been a little more violent recently, and it not just with gang and drug crimes! Just recently, Britney Spears shot a camera man with a BB Gun! It was probably a Red Rider BB Gun. They really do not hurt that much! Of course, we know that other celebrities would have used a real gun. But in the strange sense of being an American myself, I felt like cheering her on! Go Britney!

Also, the police are getting bad. When I first moved to the Capital Region of New York, I was expecting more of a city. This was the first place I have ever lived where there are no county cops! It is still strange to me, but what interested me was an article in the Times Union. According to the article, a man and his best friend, a dog, were pulled over by the Schenectady police for a broken tail light. According to the report, the dog became threatening, so the cop shot the dog, thus putting it down. To me, this seems really wrong, but it gets worse. On top of this man's best friend being shot to death in front of his owner, the officer still gave the guy a ticket. That is just not right! That should have been a warning! The article proceeded to say that no one else was injured during the shooting! But fear not, dog lovers, because if we all know one thing, it is that all dogs go to heaven! All with the exception of one.

When I lived in Georgia, I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood. All of our neighbors were nice, and the only violence that occurred in our neighborhood was usually cause by teenage boys. What can I say? But to the left of my house, we had the Coker’s living next door. They did not say too much. The few things that I can remember about them was their daughter, Jaime, who was hot, would sunbathe out in front of the yard, and their dog, Chief. Chief was a Dalmatian that you could commonly think of riding in a red fire engine, but I assure you that this was not the case. If this country wanted a prime example of violence, Chief would have been a perfect representative. After one minute of visiting the 101 Dalmatians puppies, I am sure the that there would be at least 86 dead. He was a killer! As the totals go, based on what Jamie told me was that Chief has killed two cats, possibly twelve rabbits, two birds, and a couple of squirrels, an opossum, and bit my sister, Melissa, once in the leg.

And to my surprise, it still is nice to the mother of the household. I am not sure what started the evil streak, but I never did try to provoke him. I was even fearful of mowing the lawn near him! Pretty much, the scariest thing about the dog was where he lived. Chief lived in a backyard surrounded by a wooden fence that had an extreme termite problem. Not that it mattered, because that dog could easy clear the fence. So no one ever messed with the dog. Really, I liked to think that it went to heaven, but I don't think he would have been tolerated after a couple of angels lost some limbs. No, the grand power of remembering such a dog was that after his death, not a single animal has still ventured into the Coker's backyard, and it has been over eleven years!

So what solution does this have for today's violent ways? Maybe, we should all train our dogs to be like Chief. This could cut down on violent crime in America! I can seen my little white fluff ball of a dog, Bailey, tearing squirrels apart and striking fear to all the hearts of all the wannabe criminals out there. Just be careful or you might loose a toe!


P.S. This is a sing-a-long for you and your dog: Bark, bark, bow-wow, arf, arf, rough! Rough!


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