Sin City

After much searching for a job, I decided to see a movie to loosen up. It would be the second time I would see a movie by myself, but it happens. The first time was Mortal Kombat. So I went to see Sin City, and must say that it is a must see by yourself. This was definitely not a date movie, which is about time. Before I went in, I felt a little strange about it, but that may have come from the recent news that they are remaking Batman again. No one seems to learn. Anyway, the concept of Sin City is based off a graphic novel, which for all you dummies out there, is like a comic book, but is actually a novel. A famous actor made on of the first graphic novel named Tom Hanks. He happened to due another great movie: Road to Perdition. The movie follows the novel where the present main character is the narrator, which brings a great point of view. Of course, even with the narration, the movie is full of surprises. It seems like a crazy movie, but that is what makes it original.

The movie's format is great. because it is black & white. The director followed a lot what Schindler's List was: Full black & white and color is only used point out main points. In Sin City's case, it also amplified definitions of certain characters or certain problems characters had to deal with. Pretty much, the directors kept a strong believe to project animation. All of the scenes seemed unbelievable, but they pulled it off in a way that left an impression of animation. It was a good thing. I must warn that it is definitely sinful. The move scared away most of the old people that mistakenly walked into the theater. It was great! In either case, if you like dark movies, this is the movie for you. It does no blow people away, but it keeps you interested. Besides, Elijah Wood is a freak in it. It is a good thing. Enjoy!


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