When Cell Phones Rule The Earth.

It finally happened in my little short life. I finally got a Cell Phone. If you think there is nothing wrong with that then you have been trained. In today's modern world, the Cell Phone is everywhere and nearly outnumbers the South Carolina State Bird, the Mosquito, ten to one. I used to call it a problem, but not I am unable to speak loudly about it. I am like one of you now: a slave to the phone company. I nearly dread the day when I can't get away from the ringing! Of course, that is all based on the fact that I would be popular. Well, NASA landing another space probe on a moon, so why not? But it was something bound to happen, but it was my own choosing.

I moved to the wonderful world of Cohoes, New York with the free thought of being Cell Phoneless. Why do I dislike the Cell Phone so much, you may ask. One could say that all my fender-benders to my car where resulted by people talking on Cell Phones. Another could be the constant interruption of the ringing while I am trying to do the hopeless thing of hitting on a female. Maybe, I just seen people getting ruder about things. Example: I was sitting with a group of friends, when one of them kept getting a call from this same person. The friend ignored it after three times. So I asked wondered why anyone would give out there number to someone they would constantly ignore. There is still no answer to this question like why we really pay taxes. So this sounds like a complaint! It could be, but I must keep on the down low , so my Cell Phone can't hear.

In either case, my Cell Phone search began as an adventure. I remember the happy town of Atlanta, GA having stores and stands for Cell Phone sales everywhere they could. I am sure that they would have put a stand in the Subway I ate at for lunch last month. They just have had time to yet! And they were Hell bend to get me. It was the one group of people that showed me any attention. It was a thing I missed about leaving Myrtle Beach, SC. MCI was always campaigning for my money with long distance. It was great. At one point, they actually rivaled my dad in how many calls I got per week. I always like to mess with them , too!
"Hello, I am a representative for MCI. Are you or is the head of the household available?"

"What can I do for you?"

"Well, we wanted to check up on how your long distance is working for you. Do you have a long distance plan?"

"No, I sure do not!"

"Well, what about in case of emergencies or relatives?"

"Well, lady, I would say to go ahead and give me a long distance plan, but I am just robbing the place!"

It is classic moments like that that made my day. I love MCI. You are great, but I fell into the Cell Phone hole, which was not easy. A person once said that if you look for something, you will never find it. This is nearly true for the Cell Phone. I went fifteen miles for my present home to find a place that sells a Cell Phone, which was one of those local malls in the Capital Region AKA Albany, NY. It is amazing that Atlanta is not called that, too. I guess Macon, Ga does not rival Atlanta like New York City! In either case, they were all together in one mall not even trying to sell their product like they knew I was coming.

My first stop, Verizon Wireless. What a nice deal they had for me. They gave me all the answers to my questions similar to what MCI did, but without the call. The problem was my credit check, which was without any Credit Card use, because I am avoiding Credit Cards like the wind. In either case, that was all that mattered. Not paying rent or bills. They wanted me to pay them a deposit of $500.00 based off my missing credit card report. So the answer of "No" was screaming in my ears. I am still deaf from this.

It was then, I went to Nextel. Like most companies, they listen to the part about wanting something. What I wanted was simple, a phone. I did not need any features such as a locater, a walkie-talkie, George Clooney's home address, or the ability to text message people. It did not matter, because he gave it to me anyway. At least, it was the same price. So instead of taking a phone home with me, I had to wait for it to show up in the mail. It was no big deal. My thousands of unknowing fans just had to wait awhile for me. So now I have the Thing! I was the last in my family to get one. It happens!

So my first act of business with my new friend, the Cell Phone, was to call my dad to tell him my new number. After hearing about all the features I will never use on my Phone Buddy, I decided to let my dad know my new phone number. Then, it happened! Like most things that annoy me, I got Nextel to tell me the same thing as the only Puerto Rican person in Albany, NY told me, the same features. So after a twenty minute conversation to burn up those valued minutes, I got to talk to my dad. So now the problems begin! I will be a slave to time every time someone calls me. Will I go over my minutes? So now, you all know that I love my Cell Phone Buddy. I just wanted to let all my fans out there know that I have one, so that you can call while I am sleeping, driving, going to the bathroom, and writing more wonderful works of writing art. And if you should call, please, speak up! I may not hear very well!



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