The Geek Squad.

Well, I have to say that each time I watch T.V., I am amazed of the Human Race. As usual, I was wa watching College basketball when the game was interrupted by commercials. Normally, this slightly annoys me, but then, I saw it. There is a commercial for the "Geek Squad"! I am not making this up! I should get an advertisement cut in pay for mentioning it! So what is the Geek Squad? Well, this is another social event that proves that we are all going to become computer geeks. The Geek Squad is like the UPS of computer mechanics. The commercial shows them using GPS signals to locate computer problems within the Northern Hemisphere. They just have not found my Portrait Studio computers yet. Bastards. Of course, there also may be no hope for my computers anyway? Either case, it is great, they all put on their glasses practically loosing it over a possible system failure, and jumping into new Volkswagen Bugs speeding to the quote-unquote "Scene of the Crime." They even carry badges like they were in the show Dragnet! Crazy! But in a way, it was cool. We can now respect the nerds of our generation. It can be a good thing.

So as I looked at this commercial, I thought of how cool the human race has moved from the early years of the Caveman to the prospering society of what we are today. Or have we? We did elect Bush? As much as I may want our world to change, there are still some main things that us humans still do. We are creatures of habit. I found that the reason we do not really move ahead as far as the Alien Races that fell into the Area 51 Tourist Trap is based on our habits. I want everyone who reads this to do something for fun. Go to a Wal-Mart food court, which have all turned into Dunkin' Donuts up here, and watch the customers. It is great! When I am at work, I have to hand out fliers when I am not taking pictures for advertising. What Skibicki Research has found is that we all still migrate. Laugh, if you will but it is true! If you ever worked a retail job, you always noticed that you had waves of people. It is not an accident. While I was passing out fliers, I learned that if the first person in a group says "no" to a flier, the rest of the group will also, even if no one knows each other. It works the same with yawns and the shopping isles at the grocery store. Of course, it is more noticeable when the grocery stores are designed correctly. I used to go the opposite way just to mess with people.

So what did this have to do with the Geek Squad? Not a thing, but it was fun to mention anyway. At first, I thought the "Geek Squad" was just a joke for the company. There is no way they would actually own a brand new Volkswagen Bug! It is not like they are Batman. "Quick, to the Geek Mobile!" But then, I was cut off by one on the way to work. They do exist and drive like Bats out of Hell! It was rather surprising, but I guess it could happen. I was just hoping that it was heading to my Portrait Studio to fix my computer. They might have a tool for it, but I would suggest using a hammer. I still have my Super-Duper, Heat-Seeking, Never-Missing, Aerodynamic, Light-Weight, Ultra Skibicki Hammer in reserve for such an event. I mean, it worked for my first car! Why not?

So if you are having trouble with your computer, and the hammer is not working, call the Geek Squad! Maybe, they can get great discounts on new Volkswagen Bugs. In either case, I want my cut for this advertisement!



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