Some Kinda Love.

I am not sure how it occured in my mind, but someone mentioned that they wanted to know about my childhood, so I found a childhood perspective today. I went to two different inventories for work which ended in North Point Mall. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not do well in malls, especially went I am single. Too many girls around at one time, and they all have boyfriends, are married. or have the special someone that is usually too stupid to realize that the girl likes him. These are usually the males with a common sense of a nut! I would like to make the statement for those girls having problems telling that Special Someone: Buy a gun and shoot them in the foot, then say you love them. It will definitly get their attention!

Anyway, back to the point. I remember a simple time when love was just love between two people. There was no pressure other than rejection. Now, it seems to have every problem from she is too far away to you are broke, your car is not good enough or your dating habits are too cheap. What happened? That is when I remember Lovebugs. For you guys laughing, they are real, just not as pleasant. When I was five, I used to think of love as the Lovebugs did. In Florida every year, little black Lovebugs would cause air-traffic-control problems and litter cars with their bodies. They were annoying if you clean your car alot. Anyway, they always would find their soulmate, connect(have sex), and die together. Lucky for us, relationships do not happen that quick unless you are a moviestar, and we do not die directly after that! But it was simple, and I thought it should work that way for everyone. By first grade, my view of the Lovebug Theory died with this girl named Maria. She was a Puerto Rican girl who sat across the room from me. We hit it off so-to-speak. She would blow kisses at me, and I would do the same back. It happened for a week, and then, she left me for another guy. My feelings were hurt for the day. I mean, I could not take it that serious. It was first grade, and we never spoke a word to each other! So I switched classes.

I also had my first view of sex around the time of five. How did I react? It was as pointless to me as a hockey puck in Florida in Summer! But my brother was interested. A five year difference works wonders. But I remember watching it on the porn channel in Florida. It was later when I was actually interested in sex that I watched a porno with my friend, Luke. That was interesting all together. I think it was called the Lost Island of Beautiful Women. It had no plot, and I fell asleep during the middle of it. What can you do? As for my fraternity goes, porno seemed to be the backdrop to a couple of dormrooms. It was like the Weather Channel. I always had the Weather Channel on in my room. I now remember why. Porno music and the Weather Channel music are the same. So if you are with your special someone who is not currently walking because of gun shot wounds, Weather Channel, ladies!

Remember Cooties! I always liked how that one comical guys said it: "Remember when we thought girl had cooties! Now, we know they have cooties, we just don't give a fuck!" As for me, I liked cooties! My only friend in Florida was a girl named Linda, and we played house all of the time. Sometimes, we would have war games, but mainly House. I had a son and a daughter, and I took care of the bills. I would go to work on a spring plastic pony and bring home dinner which was a bag full of healthy Oreo cookies. I know I should be ashamed feeding cookies to babies. Improv! Okay! Linda was, of course, my daring wife. I got good sex education from her. We would play this game naked! What can I say? And her parents never cared, because they were Hindu. It was amazing to go back to my old house to realize that Linda grew up to be a beach swimsuit model with a double major from the University of Tampa. My dad got the feeling I might be mad at him for moving to Georgia. Why would I be upset?

Anyway, I thought I would sent this message of love: Bring back the love man! And if you should happen to see little black bugs flying together next time you visit Florida, let them be. They are lovebugs!



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