Rocky Racoon's Revenge.

I was just reminded today when I got of work about racoons. Why, you may ask? Because one ran across the front yard of my home. I always thought racoons would be a cool pet. Someone once told me that they are alot like cats. But I found a new reason to like them, and that was Bailey, my amazingly stupid dog. But before I tell you this scary tale, I must tell you the background of it first. There is always a background to any story.

Within the last six to seven months, my dad has been campaigning to stop the local wildlife traffic. We have a man-made pond with stupid goldfish swimming in it. Since the gold fish aren't too bright with the exception of their color, they make easy targets for birds, racoons, and opossums. So we borrowed a rather large bear trap, I mean, squirrel trap to catch the creatures of the wood. I must say that the makers of this one squirrel trap must have had some big squirrels in their area. The plan was simple, set the trap and use the tunafish brand "Chicken of the Sea", because no respectible animal would come after anything else. So for the first night, we (Dad and I) tested the trap and caught something almost an hour after it was set. My dad was excited since it was still daytime. After going to the trap, we realized something funny. Bailey, the family dog, was in the trap with his tail down realizing his stupidity. It was great for a dinner topic. My step-mom, Miss Laura was in constant denial that our dog was dumb. We proved that that day.

Anyway, we did catch alot of animals in the beginning of our campaign. Since it started to slow down, we stopped trapping for a couple of months. It was only recent when we started trapping again. The local neighborhood Preschool burned down, so they where rebuilding it with homes. So all the friendly animals we caught, came back to us. Why, because we let them all go right at that very spot. So to get to the point about racoons, there is a little secret that racoons do not want you people to know. Racoons can bark like a dog. I know I said that they act like cats earlier, but I heard it with my own ears. It was one scary, stormy, bleak morning, when I brought out a shovel to inspect the evil trap. It was to protect myself for the ........okay, not-so-evil racoon. It just sat in the trap, peaceful. The first reaction was just like my neighbors: "Oh, He's alive." Then, Bailey, the Wonder Dog, came over to say "hi" to the thing. The racoon hissed at it, and then, barked. It scared me shitless, because I was not expecting that for a racoon. I always remembered the Disney version of racoons, smart and nice. But for whatever reason, the racoon felt threaten by Bailey who was half the size of the racoon. Never you mind the giant human staring at you! I think that the racoon could feel Bailey's stupidity like the Force in Star Wars. The racoon's IQ was draining towards the dog. In either case, he did not like Bailey, and gave him a Five-Fingered-Discount-Slap through the cage! I wanted to keep it just for Bailey entertainment. You know, Bailey thought it was playing the whole time. Dumb Dog!



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