I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Please, disregard the statement above if you are lactose intolerant! Today was a first for me in a while. I decided to eat the wonderful world of ice cream. I somehow felt in the mood after deciding to move to Albany, New York. I imagined my first reaction moving up there as a snow flake. One snow flake: neat! Two: wonderful. Three: paralyzed traffic in Atlanta. Four trillion inches: a pain in the ass to drive in. For some reason, the thought of cold weather made me hungry for ice cream, so I went to the local Dairy Queen that sells hot dogs? I was not aware of that, but they do. I do not know what started my interest in cold weather. I am sure it has to do with living in the South. The neatest thing to see was snow in Florida. It was not real snow, because it did not stick! But I still love it! During the Blizzard of '93, I was willing to go outside in the snow even when it was lightning. That was pretty cool. My dad had built my hopes up when he told me in his depressed manner last year that he cold not see the tennis court nets from December to May.

In reality it is hard to imagine actual cold, since it has happened to me a few times. Most of the "Cold Snaps" in my life did not involve snow. It was just plain cold. Right now, it is one of the first actual cold days in a row for me in Atlanta in a couple of years. The last extreme cold day I had was when I went to a Concert with my girlfriend, Denise a few years back. It was one of those cold days that I expect up in New York to be common. We went down to go see Widespread Panic for the New Year Show or one of them. It was at this point, Atlanta had built the new Phillips Arena, so everyone who has ever seen a New Year's concert could get lost and confused, which is what exactly happened! After the show, we were shoved through the Marta Railway to go to the Dunwoody Station closer to where my parents live. Problems: there are two trains that go that direction: Doraville and Dunwoody, Doraville was the only one showing up, and it was a warm 12 degrees outside. We sat there with other soon to be dead Widespread Fans waiting a drop-off station for the Dunwoody train. The nice Marta workers decided after a half and hour to tell us that every other Doraville Train was going to be the Dunwoody Train. In either case, we had to travel back to Myrtle Beach that night to get home. I guess I could have stayed at my warm parents house, but that would be too easy. Denise ended getting sick halfway through the trip. So what does this say about cold. Really, the most amazing thing about that trip was the fact that Denise opened the window while we were on I-20 to freeze two-inch thick later of ice on the car window. I had never seen that happen! More things to look forward to!

Of course, there is nothing like the fun of cold weather. You do not need to be in snow to enjoy. I was at my friend, Richard's house during a cold spell of 13 degrees outside. We had decided to go where ever in his 84' Thunderbird which was a rather large Battleship of a car that rivaled most buses! As old as it was, it was really asking too much for the defroster to work! So Richard decided to do the unthinkable! IF YOU DON'T KNOW THIS ALREADY, PAY ATTENTION! He got a bucket of HOT WATER, and proceeded to dump it on the windshield of his car. I was sitting inside to see something that would only seem to happen on National Geographic. I watched ice crystals form in seconds across the windshield like time lapse photography. Then, the windshield shattered into my lap. It scared me shitless, but it brought an idea. Since the water froze so quickly, we started dumping it down his driveway. Through all the anger over his car, we skied down his driveway in our shoes for fun. It was all great until you got to the bottom where you had a quick halt at the gutter.

But we all like cold weather when there is snow. There is sometime magical about it in the South. We are unprepared, so we look forward to the idea of not going to school or work. We are also surprised when it happens. How often does anyone heard the words "snow' and "beach" together in the same sentence. People from New York and New Jersey are not allowed to answer! The first real experience of this shocked. During my sophomore year at Coastal Carolina University, I came back to my dorm where Denise (As of above) greeted me with excitement about the probably of snow at Myrtle Beach. I told her she had to be on Crack! I did it with good reason, because I was sweating to death wearing shorts and sandals from 75 degree weather. So the next day, I woke up for my 8:30 Art Class and got ready. I took my shower and dressed as I did the day before. When I opened the door, I was confronted with five inches of snow on the ground with the thought that class was canceled. I felt slightly stupid. I guess that is normal for me!

I won't lie, I love it when it snows! I decided to do something different at college for Spring break, so I went up with Brian Bailey to the Wonderful World of Ohio. I think Drew Carey overrates the place. It was the first place I have ever been that completely surrounding me with cows. In either case, I told Bailey's parents that I would like to see snow. They looked at me like I was an idiot, which was probably true. Within the next day, my request was granted, and a fresh six inches of snow fell in Belpree, Ohio. His parents were slightly mad. Either way, Bailey and I shoved snow while the cows watched us. So "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" When I get up to Albany, New York, I will tell you how fast I find my car after the first snow. 'Til then, chill out people!



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