I'd Buy That For A Dollar!

I was watching another classic Sci-Fi movie the other day known as Robo Cop What a great movie. It was one of the few movies that got away with having commercials and their own TV show inside the movie. It was later tried again in that movie "Starship Troopers", but did not have the same thought! But what interested me was the fact that if it was stupid, the goofy guy surrounded by beautiful women would say that he would buy that for a $1.00. Though, prices are going up in our country for fun things such as oil and even the dollar stores are $2.00, I still think there are things that should be worth just a dollar. Well, after saying that, this is my list!
Things that should be a $1.00 and much lower!

Sequels to cartoon movies such as The Land Before Time and The Lion King. You have got to agree with that! They just aren't drawn the same!

  1. A gallon of gas!

  2. Albums by 50 Cent!

  3. The series Moonlighting with Bruce Willis. What was he thinking?

  4. The third Batman. Val Kilmer should have never been Batman!

  5. Disco music. Yes, that means the Bee Gees, too!

  6. Based on shear optimism, a six pack of good beer!

  7. Paychecks to the actors of the Teletubbies. They are killing kid's brain cells!

  8. The actual Dollar Store's prices after tax!

  9. A driver's license. There is no reason to have this cost $15 to $20 dollars when the DMV worker just presses one button to make it.

  10. Godzilla movies! (Just so I can buy them all in one day!)

  11. The Atari system! I know it is now an antique, but I don't pay antique prices!

  12. The national debt. We should just start over, since we owe ourselves anyway!

  13. France!

  14. The total amount of money all together to pay for tolls on The Garden State Parkway!

  15. Alabama.

  16. Carrot Top's career.

  17. Newspapers

  18. The Scooby-Doo movies.

  19. While we are at it: The Fat Albert movie. I don't even think it is out, but it doesn’t matter!

Well, there you have it! I feel a little better. I did another count down like Casey Kasem. By the way, his daughter is hot! She is definitely more that a dollar's worth! In either case, if you would like to list you dollar list, please e-mail me at dskibicki@hotmail.com. Because we all know that I'd buy that for a dollar unless it is 50 Cent's tracks from iTunes!


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