Happy Valentine's Day.........I think!

Hello everyone!I thought I would wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day in advance. It is another one of those holidays that overflow the retail world with a new color scheme! And I am frightened by it! Laugh if you will, but it is a dangerous holiday for us guys, unless you are not single. Even that is not completely safe! So, I am going to say it! Guys, we screwed up! Well, I cannot say that I did! What my fear comes from is all of the single ladies out there on Valentine's Day. Every year, it would happen like this! I would say Happy Valentine's Day, and the lady would either hit me or cuss me out about it! At one point, I was sure it was just me, but Skibicki Research came to the rescue! As the research shows, there is a higher percent of relationship break-ups on that day than any other day! Why does this occur? Because there are some stupid males amongst us that pick this holiday to break up! Why not St. Patrick's Day, so everyone can drink it off?

I remember one day in college at Coastal Carolina University when I was nearly beaten by upset Coastal females. I had pretty much hit a minefield on the Prince Lawn that is in the middle of campus. I did not venture that way to class again. Instead of being rude, I decided to say Happy Wednesday to lighten up things. I had felt so bad after the fact that I had gotten my girlfriend mad at me for not saying Happy Valentine's Day! So, my Valentine's Day was just listed as a bad day! But at least 20 of those girls were upset about past breakups as far back as five years! Guys, take note! They remember events better than elephants! Maybe, they are all Republicans!

So, what is Valentine's Day! According to Skibicki Research, Valentine's Day came from Roman traditions before their empire fell apart. It was originally from the Festival of Lupercalia dedicated to, go figure, Lupercus! I guess he was the God of Rabbits, not really. Either way, the Romans had an idea of having a Lottery for men. Its winnings: to take whichever lady's name was drawn from a pile and have sex with her. I am not sure how they got away with that! But it could have added another reason for the potential violence of you young ladies out there! It was later that a Pope, after many possible death threats, made it fair, and made the lottery for both men and women! Which was cool! The unrecorded threats soon stopped! And there was peace then after!

But wait! There is more! Though, many people believed that there was someone beheaded over this day, it did not happen over love, I assure you! In either case, it was thought that during the month of February in the Middle Ages, doves found each other, and fell in love! Skibicki Research has shown that doves are horny nearly all year round. But what does Skibicki Research know anyway? Right ladies! This also convinced us guys to be nice and give during the month of February to the ones they love. Since the Valentine's Day Festival changed from that Rabbit fellow also happened to be during the same month, it seemed to stick. Valentine's Day became an official Retail Marketing Holiday! And gardeners everywhere had to keep an extra eye on their rose gardens ever since!

So let me give fair warning! If you are one of those guys that broke up or is considering breaking up with your girlfriend! Stop it! Skibicki Research shows that winter draws out the worst in most people in the cold! If you need help to prevent this event, there are websites devoted to such matters that may even change your mind. It is also a good place to find out how to deal with a break-up whether it happened in 1996 or not! Just remember people, this holiday is about love! Be kind! Be nice! Share the love, man! I'll come out of the barracks after that day is over!



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