Action Pack Reruns, And What You Should Do If Encounter Them!

It happened again, when I turned on my T.V. to find myself watching the American Classic Movie Channel. It has been a good week for that! Why, turn on your T.V. and tune to AMC to find out. I got to watch Mad Max and then, Death Wish 2. They had Death Wish 3, but it is another one of those sequels that most people cannot handle. It is too much, because they were made in the 70's where the Brady Bunch was still playing on the air waves. But like a lot slightly cheesy action films, I felt the need to watch. Mad Max is a particular classic. It can stand with no plot what-so-ever and people will still watch. For those of you who are saying it is because of Mel Gibson, never mind you! The problem with AMC is that they play all of the movies that were classic, but the sequels were better, or the first one was the best! For those who have never seen a Death Wish movie, you are not missing too much. Somewhere, a famous guy named Charles Bronson became a famous actor. He does not have any real lines in most movies. That was a good thing! Death Wish had such horrible acting that I was laughing during the evil rape scene before Bronson gets a hold of them bad guys. I know that it sounds bad, but it was the music combination with ...................Laurence Fishburne wearing cool neon pink sunglasses? He was just practicing his role for The Matrix ahead of time!But these movies especial bring most of us guys back to old memories of childhood. You know who you are! I remember when I was a small dorky five year old hanging out with my brother in our living room in Tampa, Florida. We were bored one time, and decided to convince our New York neighbors that Terrorists had taken over the Skibicki Household and were firing off their AK-47's! Like the motto, "No AK-47, No Stairway To Heaven!" How did we do this? We were big Chunk Norris fans! This was before Walker Texas Ranger, people! So we popped in Delta Force starring Chunk Norris! As usual, in his movies, he is in a low point in his life when a commander of a military service branch needs his help with an issue. Of course, most of these were the beginning of the other Classic Norris films such as all of them! Like my favorite, Invasion USA that receives no air play, since September 11th! In either case, we decide to turn up the sound on our T.V. to full blast so that the machine gun fire sounded really loud! It was too bad that the T.V. was not loud enough to scare even squirrels out side! It figured!

But the great thing about these old Classics was that "What were they thinking when they made this!" thought. The 70's and 80's Classic movies always had the cool cheesiness about them. I think it was the music. Every film seemed to lose it in the music! Most seemed like elevator music or waiting room music. I guess it could be considered dramatic? That is probably why you never hear about 70's soundtracks like the sound track from the movie The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. We could use that in the Club Scene? Look at 80's music! Of course, the Delta Force Theme was pretty cool! But it had a lot to do with the era. The shows were just as bad. CHiPS! Remember that theme song! The show was great. It convinced most of the commuters in the world to ignore their Seat Belts in their cars in fear that they may flip their car and it would blow up! It never failed: Flipped car and explosion! One would think that there are just as many firefighters in sunny California as Police officers. There probably is based on CHiPS.

Well...........At one point, there was a point to this! Hold on! I am watching Japanese run for their lives in Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla! They are running to the hills right now! There must be caves there or something! Ah yes, how you avoid watching Classic Action Packed Reruns! I know it sounds simple, but just change the channel. If you proceed to have problems, change it really fast, then throw your remote across the room, so you have to fight the force of laziness and AMC at the same time. I know this sounds like a Richard Simmons workout, but it can be done! If all else fails, rent the movie that is on AMC, that way, you get the cut outs and cuss words in the movie. And maybe, then you will look as cool as Laurence Fishburne in Death Wish 2!



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