"Thank You": The New Wave Phase.

I am sure that all of you couch potatoes out there have seen the commercial where a lady mistakenly thinks another fellow shopper is pregnant. She then asks how long it is until the baby is due, and the other lady declares that she is, in fact, not pregnant. According to the commercial, "thank you!" was the best way to fix the problem. Question: what was the product being advertised? What was great about the commercial is the imagination. Creativity is on the rise, and with that, I am still too weird for the public! But I can say "thank you!" I also like the fact that the commercial did not show the incredible ass-whippin' the lady got for assuming she is pregnant.I think this new commercial movement of weird has to do with one thing: everyone is getting boring. Let's look at the past events in our lives. Everyday, we get to watch another round of Iraqi news. Another person bites the dust over our unofficial interest in oil. We watch twenty thousand car commercials on T.V. that show a new car that might have the difference of a one degree angle on the design compared to last year's model. George W. Bush is president. Need I say more! Then, there are the commercials in our lives. If you did not know, Geico Direct has made a killing on weird commercials. They know what they are doing. You can buy a bunch of bananas, when in that time, you could be saving hundreds in car insurance. You may laugh, but I think of those commercials once a day. You probably do, too! Why? Because it is not normal. I heard a five year old talk about car insurance in Subway during my lunch break yesterday, and she did not own even a Barbie Car! Car insurance has turned into God recently. Remember the Weird Commercial with Miller Genuine Draft. You don' t see those anymore, because beer is BEER! Samuel Adams has been trying the same route.

Sam Adams! There is a story about it already. I was looking for a part time-full time job when I went into a mall in Georgia. In North Point Mall, I ran across an old lady who asked me to do a survey about beer. What a terrible thing to do during an afternoon of job shopping. So I took the survey, and followed her to the office. Inside, I had to watch a commercial and judge it. Simple. It took an hour. To show how much the Samuel Adams campaign was failing, they paid me $7.00 to tell them what I thought about the music, design, thought, beer, whether Johnny Appleseed was involved, and anything else you can imagine. Just keep it to yourself, please! Their problem, beer is beer. No matter how you look at it, we are still going to drink it as much as we had before, unless they come up with a pill that gives us beer tolerance. That would be a stupid product!

So Geico has taken the market, and they touch everything from Chester the Cheetah to The Days of Our Lives. They can do this, because it is insurance. In America, the best business in the world is insurance. It is free money that our government allowed them to take. It is the second tax. You just tend to notice it in different states. I have Nationwide. No reason, I just do! In South Carolina, I only paid for liability which has never really been defined. Liability is like the Michael Jackson of insurance policies. So I paid them $400.00 every six months. In Georgia, I pay the same thing, but now I can burn my car down, a tree can fall on it, everyone in my car can die legally, and my car can be struck by lightning. "Thank You!"

So I am hoping to find a Graphic Design firm that would take my personality, my vision, and then, maybe, I can make weird commercials for my own business: Death & Taxes. It is a tax firm and a funeral home in the same building. I think the it will be a successful venture, if I could only stop paying car insurance! "Thank You!" fucking Geico!

P.S. I think the best Geico commercial was the first one with the gecko begging for people to stop calling him. Besides, Australians cheapen the commercials. Sorry for those down under. Americans suck at imitations!


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