Adventures Of Nappy Cat: Are You Going To Beck Or Bite?

As our lives proceed to truck along, so does the Nappy Cat. It just so happens that this story takes place in the dim world of the Internet where the Computer Geek was invented. I mean, really, look at Bill Gates. Of course, as the world turns, no one in high school ever learns. Still to this day, the geek is made fun of when we all know that they are going to be the future bosses or the Makers and Breakers of a company. Of course, now the tables have turned on who is the computer freak. Just within the last few years, the internet has now produced internet bullies. Next, we will see little girls playing internet Barbie! I mean, hey, I am writing on in the internet! So there you have it! Nappy Cat can have adventures on the internet, too.It was another great day, when one of my fraternity brothers decided to step into fame like stepping into a pile of dog dung! It happens! Nappy Cat! Like most things in The Nappy Cat Chronicles, it was just another posting until the site hit a record number of hits. I would love to say it was all about me, but we all know that I am the weight that keeps the plane grounded. Either way, my little fraternity brother decided to place a Beck leak on the site for a total of an hour, but to exaggerate, a few seconds. Needless to say that he changed Rock history quicker than I change my underwear by forcing Beck Hanson to get upset! He may have been crying! I am not a therapist! So the record company decided to call him and ask him questions about how he got the information. We all know my little brothers to be smartasses, so I imagine that he said something like the Post Office as answer. Maybe, that is why the site is still up. Know one dares to mess with the U.S. Postal Worker. Besides, most of them probably bench a couple of people a day!

So now you all know how and why the site was down. It was mailed to the wrong person by the Postal Workers. No, just kidding. But it did cause some alarm to me, David T. Skibicki. I had a dream about it. Of course, like my sexual dreams, I kind of had a dream that was like a Rambo film. It started out that I was in a field with classified papers to tell me where to get a job.. wait, what my mission was. It was to save The Nappy Cat, which sounds
absolutely stupid. Why? This is a dream! Two: that would mean I am rescuing a catfish! In either case, I went through the jungle of Vietnam where all of the guards where dressed in US Postal Uniforms and their leader was none other than Beck Hanson. My only two thoughts was to save The Nappy Cat from the grips of the evil record company and my fear that Beck Hanson is related to the group called "Hanson." So I went through taking out every guard with stealth speed with a bow and arrow. It was when I got to The Nappy Cat when the Alarm went off playing the song "Loser" as Postal Workers shot at me. I gabbed a carried the 300 pound Nappy Cat/Catfish to the river where, I woke up from this typing stupor, and realized that this is stupid! We will just assume that I save it! Sorry, I put you through the reading!

Either way, The Nappy Cat is saved and back online now. At least, until the Postal Workers find out. But what the leak was all about happened over a future album. Beck had finished another album when he realized that someone had driven by playing a song he finished recording from as early as yesterday. This disturbed him, so Beck hired a guy by the name of Bob or Mervin to do their "Geek Deeds.", and find his album on the internet. They could have just called me! Definition: Geek Deeds: plural. 1. work done on the computer 2. Snorting when you laugh. 3. See Skibicki, David T. In either way, they found my little brother out and sent the SWAT team to dispose of The Nappy Cat Chronicles. They called him! And after giving away all of the information, The Nappy Cat was let free. Sweet! So that is the story.


P.S. A Special Notice:

  1. No Postal Workers took part in this event.

  2. Beck Hanson is not related to The Hanson Brothers. Sorry Beck!

  3. And sorry for not using your name, Will through out any of this horrid e-mail! (That's okay Skibicki. I don't want to be affiliated with your awful site anyway :-D )


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