The Return Of Flower Power!

Ladies and Gentlemen:  It has come to my attention that the newspapers like to make the news as they go along. We all know it, but never address it. Example: there was that reporter in Iraq that pretty much told the Iraq Military where the next troop movements where going to be. He say it was an accident, but really, we all know that news like CNN and Channel 2 Action News likes to start things. The most recent statement in the news went out towards the Ukraine where they listed their election problems as a possible "New Cold War". Why would anyone want to do that?! The World has had enough problems dealing with the Cold War in history. But what they showed was the peaceful demonstration of the Ukrainian people placing flowers on the riot control guards. It almost has a reminder of that movie called the Sixties where the Flower Children or Hippies did the same thing. Of course, they were all dropping Acid on a daily bases, and did not know their foot from a rake in the yard! In both cases, the flourists must have made some money! At least the Ukrainians have a point!

The greatest news stories still come from Iraq. Iraq this! Iraq that! Iraq likes ice cream! Everything is a big deal in Iraq. Remember reading history stories in High School where big news events where like 5,000 people killed in combat in some Third World Country! Now, the news focuses on three or five people killed. Don't get me wrong! I am not happy it is happening, but it seems like "No News is Good News!" I am Right? I think of the movie The Matrix makes the best statement about this. Agent Smith says that the first Matrix was a perfect paradise, but people just would not except it. It had no good ratings. If the newspaper started it's front page with "Fluffy the Wonder Dog Saves Little Boy From Buring Building", no one would buy it. It would have to say "Fluffy The Wonder Dog Eats Little Boy After Starting A Fire!"newpapers would fly out the door on behalf of Fluffy the Angry Bitch! People like violence and problems. That is where Math came from. Do you honestly think that people came up with Math as a tool. It really appeared out of boredom. It was peace time, so a couple of guys got together and invented imaginery numbers to cause mental problems. Go figure!

So God Said, "Let there be Tabloids!" The only news that serves the public with entertianment! They have class and style, and stupid people believe them. Where else in the news can you find "Bat Boy" serving his country with the same picture where he is terminally two! Such titles like "Two-Hundred Foot Jesus Appears At The White House!" or "John Denver Came From Area 51!" just excite me! Though, it is not real, it is not a depressing. Call it childish, but I am tired of hearing about Iraq or how everyday, another twelve people ae found murdered. I guess I'll have to wait until the last half the news on T.V. It is the only time it gets positive. That and the Weather!

"Ten Thousand Skibicki Worshippers Take Over Atlanta For His Birthday!" film at eleven!



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