Last Call For Santa Claus!

First off, I must say Merry Christmas! It started out for Christmas Eve that it may have been Not-So-Merry Christmas, because I was scheduled to work. Really, it was fine for me at that point, because most of this Christmas shoppers had been pleasant. No one have started any fights or stabbed someone over something like the famous Tinkle-Me-Elmo product. As the saying goes, Christmas can bring the worse out of people. Why? People had spent the whole time caring that they forgot to care. The big thing of this whole year in Health issues has been reduced to one word: Stress. It, like most retail products, has been the new fad and excuse for everything under the sun. Of course, it is not like there was ever any real stress before that! The good news is that everyone listens to the Health Experts like the Weather Channel, so people have been usually nice. Where is the exception? Christmas Eve day!I went to work with the surprise of lots of traffic at North Point Mall. I am convinced that if they were open 24 hours a day, traffic would still be a problem at two in the morning. The big reason for this traffic mess is based off two lights and a Toys'R'Us. That darn Jeffery the Giraffe screwed things up big time! If there is anyone that can use the "stress" word with no guilt, it is the employees of Toys'R'Us. I see them on their lunch break as mutes. They refuse to talk, because they experience their job. I think it is a shame. I remember when Toy stores were a fun place to be. Even now, they are fun! Maybe, it is just me, but us guys tend to show our inner childhood when we see toys. I had seen it everyday. The new rave this year was air guns that shoot plastic bee bees. Half of the fathers say it is for their kids, but as the day progresses, it is their wives who bring them back, because the fathers take them to work to shoot each other in between cubicles. And wives cannot have immature husbands! But as the Christmas Season rolled on, parents everywhere using the word "stress" had been taking their "stress" out on Toys'R'Us employees. So to watch them possibly crack a smile was as rare as seeing six feet of snow in Tampa, Florida. So if you know someone who works at or know the address to a Toys'R'Us, send them a Get Well card!

As for my experience this last Christmas Eve, it went as follows: Angry People. Last-Minute Shoppers: Second in Command of the Forces of Evil! I am kidding, because they were not all bad. Just most of them! I had the most compelling experience dealing with a lady who demanded to know why Nike charged five dollars more for one soccerball than the other. I could only say that it was about colors. One had more colors than the other. Of course, it is hard to pick which soccerball to get these days, because there is no such thing as a typical Black and White soccerball. Between the time I started High School and ended College, color came into play. My only thought to the lady who was determine to give some Hell over a decision was to ask Nike about it!

Then, there are the phone calls. Anyone who is willing to answer a retail phone call has Balls! Most are nice people. But since they are not looking directly at you, they can easily cuss you out with no worries. My best call yesterday was about delivery. A guy did not get is ping-pong table and was determined to blame me. It just happened to be that he really ordered it from another company on the internet. But I think he felt better after yelling at me. So in a nutshell, it was "Stress" relief. I am glad that I am an unofficial social worker. It is what makes working Christmas Eve fun! Anyway, so when in doubt, peace out! Christmas is suppose to be fun!


P.S. If you happen to have to return something, be nice! Us retail workers are experiencing "stress"!


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