Happy Thanksgiving Day, BUSTER!

I decided that I have to apologize. I am one of the many people who almost forgot about Thanksgiving with the overshadowing Christmas marketing. I was really reminded minutes ago when I move in some tables to set up for all of the family. It is a big event, but it is easy to forget. Every year, I ask this question which seems to have no answers: Are there any Thanksgiving Songs? There are really no answers with exception of Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song, which I was told yesterday that it did not exist! I must have heard it every year on the radio, but I could be hearing things. But people sometimes ask why Thanksgiving is not given such a big deal as Christmas and Halloween. For one thing, it is just food. Though, the average person probably eats more on this day than anytime of the year, you would think that the food stores would advertise like crazy. The second reason could be more interesting.

When you look back on the history of Thanksgiving, we think of the Pilgrims smiling hand-in-hand with the Indians. Okay, to be corrected, Native-Americans! We present Americans will not be listed as Native-American until either the National Debt is erased or we live to see 4004! So I guess that destroys our hopes of being Native! In either case, it is the Pilgrims and their floating yacht, The Mayflower and Indians! So for years, we are all to be thankful to God for our food, and the lives we had, but the original Native-Americans supplied that. Did we really thank them? Of coure not, because we could not speak their language, but we probably wouldn't if we knew. The Pilgrims had a great shock of "nice" when they showed up in the New World. The Virginia Colony swore up and down that Indians, before these Civil definitions, were bad, and alot like demons of Satan! So the whole Indian thing seems to be lost in statues and a few plays performed with the local school system. I remember when I was in third grade when we had the Thanksgiving Play. The most important thing we learned from Indians was not that they saved the Pilgrims, but they invented Popcorn! If you think about it, us foreign people stole their land, the copyrights to popcorn, and kicked them out of most of our historical thoughts! I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, because there are too few to get mad. We just don't recognize the Native-Americans for their popcorn! For fun, name some Native-Americans, you will see my point. Neil Young doesn't count!

Another reason we may forget Thanksgiving is it mascot: the Turkey! We are talking about the animal, not the country for those not tuned in! If you look at all the other great holidays, they all have animal or something we recognize. Examples: Deer=Christmas, Rabbit=Easter, Duck=also Easter, St. Patrick's Day=little guy (we have to be nice and Politically correct)! They are all more interesting than a Turkey, because they are smarter. We just eat turkeys! If I ate a rabbit on Easter Day, someone who say that I am sick and evil! Actually, that sounds like a good idea! I will have to save that thought. Also, there is no spark! No magic with a Turkey. If Thanksgiving Day, a turkey left a colored egg, candy, presents, or money, Okay, we would remember! There would be an incentive to remember. I remember losing all my teeth, because the Tooth Fairy gave a dollar for each one. It would be later that parents would have to mention that it is only for baby teeth, because little Junior would want to take a hammer to the rest of his teeth! If you ladies remember Sex Education in Middle School, you remember that your mother was suppose to give you Ice Cream for your first period! So the video said! It might have been an Ice Cream advertisement. So there is no place for remembering the turkey. So next time you are in the woods, thank the turkeys!

As for Thanksgiving thoughts and ways to remember it, check you calender everyday, write memos to yourself, remember that the After Thanksgiving Sale is not Thanksgiving Day, and most of all be thankful for your family, life, and love you have! Or else be forgotten like Turkey the country, I mean, animal! And if you feel guilty for Native-Americans (a.k.a. Indians!), blame those Boston Red Sox fans, those ungrateful Pilgrims!



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