Don't Eat The Yellow Snow.

Hello Everyone!

If you all did not know, I moved to the Wonderful World of New York! And so far, so good! After my second day of the Great Northern Country, I witness eight inches of snow: an event that would have been declared as a natural disaster in the Atlanta Metro Area! Of course, I knew I would see those Evil flurries up here, and it was beautiful. So the first thing I thought of after moved and seeing snow was my urge to go to Wal-Mart, everyone's favorite place. So I went there in the pouring snow in my 98 Honda Civic without any now tires or ever driving in snow. As my very nice, new neighbors were leaving for the same venue, possibly different Wal-Mart, they seemed very concern about my non-existent driving habits in snow. I assured them that I would be fine. My only concern was New York Drivers. They seem to be a Sub-species in the Driving World, but as I moved here, I realized it was only a problem for people in New York City and tourists seasons for Myrtle Beach, SC and most of Florida!

So I am going to say it! I live in Cohoes, New York! (Cohoes, not SoCo, the nickname for Southern Comfort!) Even though, it is a funny sounding name, I look at the bright side: at least it is not a place like Embrass, MI. I heard it on the Weather Channel, which likes to point out stupid names of towns across the country. But there is a reason that it is called Cohoes. In the town of Cohoes, we are famous for the waterfalls along the Hudson River. In case you have not paid attention, I am not in New York City. As much as you want to think it, New York is not 100% New York City. If you have a complaint about this, talk to Superman! Anywho, Cohoes is famous for their waterfalls. I came across a lady who told me that Cohoes was Native-American for "help." And I for one believe her! She happened to work at a place called the Holiday Gift, which sold swords. I would ask, but I feared the swords! Native-American would call out "Cohoes" when they were about to go over a waterfall in their canoes! It became such a popular thing after no one learned from their mistakes that the name just stuck, so in a sense, I now live in Help, New York! Go figure!

So back to snow. I did not realize how much fun snow could be. For my first snow, I took on a parking lot with great speed to do 360's in the parking lot. I never have been able to do that before in my go-cart! I was pretty happy. So after the snow fun, I found myself going to the local malls, which was an actual mall. I might as well define mall. A mall is a building that has multi-stores and a food court with no cheap stores. My first look at a mall here was amazing, because of how small they were, but they did not have a K-Mart attached to it either! Not to take a stab at South Carolina! This is also where I found out about Cohoes. So there!

I would say that living here has been completely overwhelming with excitement, but I may get struck by lightning. It is not bad. I look at Cohoes as a sleepy town surround by a record-breaking amount of cemeteries in a single square mile. The most interesting experience during and after the snowfall was the large quantity of yellow snow in front of Pet Smart. I just thought I would point that out. As Frank Zappa says, "Don't eat the yellow snow." Maybe, when something else happens around here, I will write more.

P.S. Remember when Superman would fly across places like New York City and Baltimore, and they looked like the same place. I used to think that Baltimore, Boston, Albany, Philly, and New York was one giant city. Thanks, Superman!


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