December 2nd, 1979......A Day That Will Live In Infamy!

I just wanted to let you know my thoughts about turning 25 in the next couple of days. I have none. I would rather just skip it all together. It has been a bad enough, so I shifted my attention to more important matter such as Frisbee! I was working and feeling annoyed with my day when a light note got my attention. For the first time is my 24 years and 361 days (not like I am counting), I saw a customer purchase a Frisbee. I never believed anyone would. Whenever my friends and I played Frisbee, we always found them. I guess it never occured to me that people do buy them. Sure, there was a possiblity? But banks and promotional sales always gave them out for free! I remember my first Frisbee looking like an ancient relic from 1945. It probably was from then considering I found it in a lake. In fact, they all came from a lake. If there is anything us humans should have ever learned was to not throw Frisbees around lakes and rivers. Somehow, I should have guessed that they still market Frisbee. If anyone can remember this, please say so! I remember my brother animate about getting a Triangle Frisbee. The point of it was that it was crossed with the Australian boomerang idea. The Frisbee was suppose to come back to you like your dog does. Of course, the reality of it is that it didn't and your dog is too stupid to respond to such activity. That is why we trained the dog to get the Frisbee in the first place. Just to stimulate those six brain cells the dog has. But not only did the Triangle Frisbee look neat, it also did not fly! So we grew a slave the the circle once again! So if you have ever bought a Frisbee, raise your hand! Even if you are in a room by yourself!

Not only was I enlightened by the Frisbee sale, I also got the urge to bowl! A few customers in the local Sports Authority asked about bowling stuff! What I learned was shocking. In the American World of Life, style and looks seem to be everything with clothes! Fashion, Fashion, Fashion! But one thing withstood the world of retail fashion! Bowling shoes. We sell bowling shoes at Sports Authority. Why do you care? I don't know, but they are still as ugly today as they were when the dinosaurs bowled the Earth. Everytime I went bowling, there were two things that I remember each time. The old man smell and the ugly shoes. No where else in the world can you get Fashionable people to wear ugly-ass shoes on purpose than at your local bowling alley! And they have such wonderful colors: Olive Green, Orange, Faded Bright Red, Cobalt Blue. and lined with gray lining that everyone knows was once white! They also had the numbers on the back declaring your foot size, and there was nothing you can do about it! Everyone gets to know how big your feet really are. What can you do? But did anyone ever wonder who wore the shoes before you. The fat guy who was always fat behind the counter always swore that they were clean. Did he clean them? Just a side thought?

And who can forget the only sport you can beat little inocent animals other than Badmitten! No one has ever explained to me why the balls are called Birds. I think it was a sick joke or something. Most Animal Rights Activists probably would not find this funny? But it is a great game! It is one of the few games where men and women are completely equal at a game. The Bird never goes where you what them to! Scoring is easy! And everyone is bad at it. Practice makes perfect unless you are playing Badmitten. If anyone stops for five mintues, it is over. You have to recreate your style again.

Other thoughts occurred to me as well as these games. Now, it is nearly impossible to find a soccer ball in the Atlanta area that is Black and White! They have gone the distance to make them Carebear colors. Go Figure! You also cannot get very much camping gear from you local retail sports store. There is no such thing a single-man tent. There are now two types of street hockey. One involves an actual puck and the other involves a ball. Now, since the invention of rollerblades, you need padding. What a sissy sport! I remember running with hockeysticks in hand basically beating the opposing team with it. That was not a foul either! It was just fair in playing the game. New invention alert! Frisbee Golf!

So whether you beat each other with hockey equipment or treasure your 1827 frisbee. Have fun with sports. Take landmarks of your sport and enjoy!



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